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For Our Mocha Fans


Many have noted the recent changes of our menu, and have become fans of the new ingredients. We find ourselves fortunate to live in an area where natural products exist so abundantly, which is what drove the desire to enhance our menu through the use of local products.

Switching from Hershey’s chocolate to a local organic chocolate was one of the changes we were looking forward to most, but was the most difficult change to implement. The search to find a convenient and reliable cocoa farm was not easy, but the time and effort were well worth it once we discovered Macaw Lodge.


The road to self and sustainable agriculture at Macaw Lodge


21st Century Greens

One small incident that deeply altered my perspective, took place in rural Nicaragua. I was speaking with a worried mother who was holding a sick and obviously malnourished young child. She was standing at the foot of a moringa tree. The leaves of moringa are extraordinary rich in protein, iron and vitamin A, three essential nutrients that she and her family were almost certain lacking. Yet she was completely unaware of the value of the tree in her front yard to her family’s health”. David Kennedy, 21st Century Greens.


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