One of our earliest dreams was to reestablish habitats that once drew and supported a thriving population of animals, insects and birds, with a focus on our namesake Scarlett Macaw. Today, the bio-diverse forests are a vital, year-round source of food for Macaws as well as hundreds of species of birds, animals, insects and other creatures. 

As the health of the eco-systems returned, we launched another venture—to create an oasis where people could encounter and live among the natural beauty of Costa Rica. The botanical gardens rich with color adorn the eight acres surrounding Macaw Lodge. Paths wander among more than 100 types of palms, multiple species of aquatic plants, black, yellow and green bamboo in shapes and heights unique to each, heliconias, bromeliads and more. The garden’s green areas invite relaxation and recreation, defining the boundary between the gardens and surrounding forest.