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At Macaw Lodge, we are passionate about protecting and healing the forests of Costa Rica for all inhabitants and supporting the local economy through eco-tourism. And that means igniting the passion of future generations who will carry on the work. We are always excited to welcome local and international school groups and children. In one program, local children plant a tree at Macaw Lodge and return every year to care for it and see how much it has grown. We also host scientists and teachers from many countries who come to The Lodge to learn of our practices and put them into action in their own communities.
Our staff family is made up of local residents who share our commitment to our guests, and to the environment. We also invest in the area’s economy by keeping purchases of eggs, oranges and other foods not grown onsite local. And we offer tours of the areas surrounding Macaw Lodge to showcase the natural wonders of this beautiful place.

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An outgrowth of our passsion where you can indulge yours

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An outgrowth of our passsion where you can indulge yours



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