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Our specialties within ecology, health and life, provide us with information to better understand the world around us. This information also can help us to improve our environment, manage our natural resources, and protect human health.


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Nango Murray

Costa Rican born Nango Murray is a certified Yoga Teacher in Interdisciplinary Yoga. She combines in her classes the different Yoga styles of Iyengar and Anusara Yoga in a Vinyasa style. Nango has received training in the Teacher’s Interdisciplinary Yoga Program from the renowned Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica (2004), an Iyengar course in Bali, Indoneisa (2013), as well as multiple imersions and workshops in Anusara Yoga. She is a Yoga teacher in her home country of Costa Rica at Campo Verde Center, Chakra Lounge, Yoga-Altamonte Studio, Andamio Dance Centre and teaches private classes. Her Karma Yoga Project involves teaching yoga at Centro Penitenciario El Buen Pastor, Costa Rica´s Womens Penitenciary. She has also received courses in Yin Yoga, Tibetan Meditation, Reiki and Pranic Healing. Nango has been a professional classical and modern dancer, choreographer and directed her own Studio “Danzarte School of Classical Ballet” in San José, Costa Rica from 1980 to 2008. She shares her passion for art, dance, music, nature and ecology with her husband, renowned Costa Rican pianist, Manuel Obregón (www.manuelobregon.com) and 5 children. [email protected] / tel: (506) 8394-4524

Caspar Poyck

Caspar Poyck C.Ht. is a Psycho Digestive Therapist and author of the upcoming book: “The Psycho-Digestive Approach : Thoughts for Food and Food for Thought” Caspar counsels private clients and leads retreats around the world and is a public speaker. Caspar also works in drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers and is a proudAmbassador for “The Foundation for Living Beauty” supporting women with cancer. Born in The Netherlands to yoga teacher parents Caspar was encouraged to explore and observe his innate understanding that body and mind are connected. After having spent twenty years of his life as a musician, actor, and television producer, he realized he was missing deeper meaning and purpose in life and decided to travel the world from 2003 until 2005. Some of the best conversations, feelings of connectedness and spiritual insights Caspar had during those years happened while “breaking bread” with strangers and friends. This proved to him that true nourishment comes from more than just the nutrients in your food ! In 2005 Caspar returned to the United States and became a therapist focused on psycho somatic healing. Having a love for food and meals, Caspar observed how emotions affect the Autonomic Nervous System and how this affects metabolism, auto immune responses, the lymphatic ,vascular and digestive system in his clients. Psychology affects our relationship with food ! This is when Caspar developed The Psycho-Digestive Approach !

Caspar provides the most tremendous gift of awakening, perspective, and LIFE. Without his lecture and words of truth, I very likely would be dead. ~Vera, a survivor of stage 4 breast cancer with lesions in pelvis and spine.

Ana Lucia Fariña

Alejandra takes the worry out of group sales and reservations. Known as Ale, she makes sure every detail is handled in advance of your visit. Originally from San José, Costa Rica, she and her husband live in Cartago near the majestic Irazu volcano. Ale’s enthusiasm for life and her Macaw Lodge family and guests is contagious. She’s into learning about the wildlife, plants and crops that thrive on the reserve, as well as hiking, beach time, traveling and yoga. Ale knows firsthand the transforming nature of a stay at Macaw Lodge and is eager to share it with you.

  • Sustainable Economical Development
  • Business Administration & Project Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Bilingual (Spanish & English)& Basic French
  • Eco tourism and sustainable traveling
  • Mindfulness and Meditation Facilitator
  • Leadership & Empowerment
  • Strong Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  • Group Facilitation & Dynamics
  • Human Rights
  • Environmental and Social Justice
  • Yoga and Holistic living


Founder and Director-(2012- Present) PRANALUZ Conscious living (www.pranaluz.com)

  • Pranaluz mission is to support individuals in their path of awakening to a conscious life by offering diverse holistic services focused on yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.
  • We offer: retreats, travel, Workshops, services and education focused on yoga, mindfulness and meditation.
  • 2012-2014 Delivered Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation workshops, courses and classes in diverse countries and locations such as (businesses, studios, diverse educational institutions, personal private sessions, yoga studios, holistic centers, etc.).
  • 2010-211 Co-founder Peakbeings- organization focused on Yoga teacher trainings and retreats.


  • Created a business assessment of the organization using several indexes and tools. The analysis was used as apart of the re-organization process to redefine the mission, vision, sustainability, organizational structure, etc.
  • Developed a research project on indigenous communities in Ethiopia, Guatemala, Guyana and Canada, in order to identify how the right to Free Prior and Informed consent (FPIC) has been successfully asserted in negotiations with businesses and government agencies. The analysis and results was used to help assess other communities undergoing similar processes.
  • Published two articles for their quarterly magazine on indigenous issues: “Bri-Bri women lead the way in community- based project in Costa Rica”; y “ Mam people of Guatemala express their voices through community consultations”.

Environmental Studies Graduate Assistant: NAROPA UNIVERSITY, Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A(2010-2012)

  • Planned, organized and facilitated Earth Day, Sustainability Day, Green Bag lunch’s, other workshops, and events for a campus of over 1200 students, faculty and staff.
  • Teacher’s Assistant for the following undergraduate courses: Creating and Learning Community and Environmental Justice; supported students in their academic learning experiences.

Group Leader: G ADVENTURES, All Central America, Panama and Mexico (2008- 2013)

  • Guided tours for all Central American countries and Mexico, leading an average of 15 passengers per trip.
  • Planned, organized and coordinated all logistics: transportation, accommodations and activities.
  • Promoted sustainable traveling, green practices and service projects.

Marketing & Sales Manager: PORTASOL, Costa Rica (2007)

  • Managed and developed sales and marketing strategies for green, sustainable real estate eco-tourist projects.
  • Assisted General Manager (Board of Directors member for local NGO “COPAZA “: dedicated to creating prevention, security and peace for the country’s population) in several projects including organizing sustainable, educational and cultural activities as well as fundraising campaigns.

Project Management/Development Assistant (volunteer): APREFLOFLAS, Costa Rica (2007)

  • Assisted in the development and follow-up of several projects, conservational campaigns, sustainable development, and eco-tourism, small business development and rural tourism for a non-profit organization.
  • Served as a representative for environmental commissions and activities along with non-government organizations such as the IUCN, Greenpeace, WWF, and other local NGOs.
  • Developed grant writing and fundraising strategies and corporate alliances for several projects.

Corporate experience:

  • Human Resources Manager: FISERV COSTA RICA, Costa Rica (2006)
  • Human Resources Business Analyst: INTEL DE COSTA RICA, Costa Rica 2005- 2006)
  • Human Resources Recruiter: LANGUAGE LINE SERVICES, Costa Rica (2002 –2005)
  • Recruitment and Service Executive: MANPOWER COSTA RICA S.A., Costa Rica (2000–2002)

Highlights and accomplishments (2000-2006):

  • Managed all recruiting and employee hiring processes, including interviews, tests, and screenings.
  • Participated in conferences, job fairs and networking groups.
  • Responsible for payroll, performance management, training development, benefits, and evaluation techniques.
  • Attended and managed several accounts for key multinational clients with an average of 300 employees per month. For example: Intel, Western Union, Merck Sharp and Dome, Coca Cola, Procter and Gamble among other multinational companies with offices in Costa Rica.
  • In charge of the whole HR startup and hiring process for two call centers in Costa Rica with an average of 500 employers for each one.
  • Managed data analysis for the Human Resources and developed creative solutions for the improvement of the organization’s development, employee services, hiring, training and updates.
  • Proposed strategic solutions and developed statistical projections for management decision making processes.


  • Master of Arts in Environmental Leadership: NAROPA UNIVERSITY, Boulder, Colorado. U.S.A. (2012)
  • Masters of Business Administration: INSTITUTO TECNOLÓGICO DE COSTA RICA, San José, Costa Rica (2007)
  • Bachelors in Business Administration: UNIVERSIDAD LATINA DE COSTA RICA, San José, Costa Rica(2000).


  • Awakening the Dreamer Symposium: Certified Facilitator with the Pachamama Alliance Organization.
  • Byron Fellowship Participant: Yale University Course in “How to Create Sustainable Communities”
  • Fundraising course: Workshop provided by PhilanTropics
  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Social Change- Online course with UPEACE’s Centre for Executive Education
  • Authentic Leadership Certificate: Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado.
  • Mindfulness training instructor: Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado.
  • Vipassana Retreat participant and practitioner
  • Meditation courses participant at Shambhala Center, Boulder, Colorado.
  • Sustainable development independent consultant for diverse NGO’S and private organizations located in USA & Ecuador.
  • 500-hour Experienced Yoga Teacher - Yoga Teacher Certification, Nosara Institute, CR.


  • http://www.culturalsurvival.org/publications/cultural-survival-quarterly/bribri-women-lead-way-community-based-tourism-costa-rica
  • “ Mam people of Guatemala express their voices through community consultations” http://issuu.com/culturalsurvival/docs/36-4/23
  • http://www.elephantjournal.com/2014/06/this-is-what-india-whispered-to-me-in-my-sleep/
  • Conscious living Facilitator (personal business focused on conscious living)/ www.pranaluz.com
  • Thai- Massage therapist
  • Music performance (guitar, piano, harmonium, vocals)
  • Outdoor activities (hiking, biking, scuba diving, paragliding)

Itai Hauben Dolev

Itai is originally from Israel but choose to live in Costa Rica. He is the son of Masha and Arie, two amazing urban permaculturists that produce an abundance of diverse food from a tiny lot. He is married to Melina, Colombian Agronomist Ing. graduated from the Earth University. Together they have two kids: Nevo and Alma of which they are dedicated to. Itai has been working with Permaculture design, restorative agro-ecology and water retention landscapes since 2002. and has been applying himself to projects worldwide. Itai holds a diploma at applied Permaculture design and a Master of Science at Integrative Eco-Social Design. His rich experience draws from techniques applied on drylands, warm temperate, subtropical and humid tropical climates. His work goes from aid work to villages suffering malnutrition in the colombian llanos through ecovillage design schemes and up to high-end hotel edible landscaping. Itai is very passionate about regenerative strategies, permaculture and plants. He gives permaculture design certificate courses regularly since 2006 and is a member of the Israeli Permaculture association and the Costa Rica Permaculture organization. Itai works as the founder and director of Symbiosis Design, a regenerative design and implementation firm that works on projects of different scale in Costa Rica and other countries.

Itai Hauben Dolev MSc. Eco-social Design [email protected] / 8712-4215

Manuel Goómez Solera

Manuel Gómez Solera, MA, is a Somatic Counseling Psychologist who focuses on promoting the functional unity of the mindbody and the energetic processes that sustain it. This process of unification and synchronization leads clients to experience higher levels of functioning, creativity and integrity in life. His work in private practice is characterized by the exploration of bodily sensations, movement, and verbal techniques to promote positive change. Manuel’s work is further supported by a strong mindfulness background that guide clients to sharpen self-awareness and cultivate internal resources so they may better navigate life’s situations with spontaneity and skill.

Ana Laura Mena

E-mail: [email protected]
Nationality: Costa Rican
Birthdate: November, 1983
Mobile phone: (506)8889-2543
  • Master degree in Microbiology. Universidad de Costa Rica
  • Biotechnology Engineering. Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica
  • Member of professionals in Agriculture by Colegio de Agronomos in Costa Rica 
  • Researcher and formulation of biological products in a private company “Laboratorio Biomaca” for five years.
  • External Consultant in Agricultural Biotechnology and Biological Control (7 years).
  • Researcher in the use of microbiological pesticides and beneficial microorganisms allowed by the College of Agricultural Engineers of Costa Rica.
  • Co-author of scientific articles in the areas of parasitology and biological control.
  • Active member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Professionals in Plant Diseases of Costa Rica.

Teresita Matamoros Carvajal

Nationality: Costa Rican
Birthdate: April, 1983
Phone: (506) 4030-4127
Mobile phone: (506) 8889-2543
  • Master in Business Administration - Universidad Estatal a Distancia
  • Bachelor in Management and Protection of Natural - Universidad Estatal a Distancia
  • Diploma in Environmental Management Universidad Nacional
  • Biotechnology Engineer - Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica
  • Legal representative and researcher of the agro-environmental biotechnology laboratory BIOMACA
  • External Consultant in Agricultural Biotechnology and Biological Control.
  • Consultant in management of remnants of agricultural production activities.
  • President of the Association of Professionals in Plant Diseases of Costa Rica.
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