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Opening in 2011, Macaw Lodge is a working, growing and evolving center for eco-tourism, research and conservation. Today, people from around the world come to Macaw Lodge to discover the natural wonders of Costa Rica. The Lodge is the culmination of a long-held vision of the Gordienko family. We took part in a government-sponsored Forestry Investment program designed to reverse damage done by overplanting of monotonous agricultural crops. In the 1980s, we were honored to purchase and become stewards of Santuario de Macao Limitada—the farm that is now home to Macaw Lodge and The Macaw Lodge Private Forest Reserve. Over the past two decades, we have created a model of sustainability, restored the health of the forests and fostered a return of many animal, plant, insect and bird species, including the Scarlet Macaw.


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An outgrowth of our passsion where you can indulge yours

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An outgrowth of our passsion where you can indulge yours



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