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The people of Costa Rica, “ticos,” make the country and Macaw Lodge a special place. We are proud that local artisans, farmers, builders and others not only helped restore the land and its biodiversity, they also built the Lodge facilities and solar energy systems, now oversee daily life here, create fantastic meals and take excellent care of our guests. We consider them family.


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Macaw Lodge is a dream come true for founder Pablo. His passion for the environment in Costa Rica and around the world is evident the moment you meet him. Growing up in rural Costa Rica when resources were scarce makes him appreciative of people who live in harmony with nature. And it has inspired him to make Macaw Lodge a model of sustainable living—and prove that it is possible. His love of plants and his unquenchable thirst for knowledge have led to the prolific gardens that supply food, medicinal herbs, materials and unmatched beauty at Macaw Lodge. Pablo seems to have an endless supply of energy that he puts to work restoring the natural habitats that are home to hundreds of bird and animal species, contributing to the well-being of surrounding communities and making Macaw Lodge a genuine, one-of-a-kind eco-lodge.


Alejandra takes the worry out of group sales and reservations. Known as Ale, she makes sure every detail is handled in advance of your visit. Originally from San José, Costa Rica, she and her husband live in Cartago near the majestic Irazu volcano. Ale’s enthusiasm for life and her Macaw Lodge family and guests is contagious. She’s into learning about the wildlife, plants and crops that thrive on the reserve, as well as hiking, beach time, traveling and yoga. Ale knows firsthand the transforming nature of a stay at Macaw Lodge and is eager to share it with you.


Also known as “Chaloi”, Adrian was born in and raised in Las Delicias, and has lived in the village for most of his life. Coming from generations of farmers and ranchers, he is a cowboy through and through, and absolutely loves his life living and working in rural Costa Rica. He started working on the Lodge’s property about sixteen years ago, when he was still a teenager, in many different capacities including helping to plant the orchards and working on the farm prior to the Lodge being built. Because he has worked on the property for so many years, he knows its history very well and has been witness to all of the changes that it has undergone. At the moment he works as one the security guards and also assists his wife, Lis in the kitchen. A true family man, Adrian loves spending his free time with his family, playing soccer/futbol for the local team, riding horses and working with cattle … but his all-time favourite pastime is training and riding his mule, “Gitana”.


Yorleny has a very special and very important position at Macaw Lodge: she is in charge of our artisanal chocolate factory, as well as the harvest produced by our farm. She not only creates incredible and delicious chocolate confections, but also distils essential oils from many of the Lodge’s plants and flowers, which are utilized in the luxurious skin creams, artisanal soaps and organically based cosmetics that she is in the process of producing. Born in San Jose and raised in Las Delicias, she has lived in many of the small towns in the surrounding area and is sister to Lis and Katia, who both work at the Lodge. Yorleny is known for being very professional and for her precise attention to detail, but her fun-loving side is given free rein when it comes to her inventive and delicious creations. Yorleny has worked at Macaw Lodge for many years: prior to her promotion as chocolatiere extraordinaire, she had worked as part of the kitchen and cleaning staff, during which time her creative strengths and strong skill set were recognized as being the perfect qualities needed to run our chocolate factory. She has many other talents which are realized in her roles as a professional seamstress and as an amateur landscape and candid photographer. When she’s not working or sewing you’ll find her out in the local pastures hanging out with the horses and cattle or riding horses through the local country-side, and photographing everything she sees.


With her huge friendly smile and sweetness, Karen is definitely the “heart” of Macaw Lodge, and is one of the first people who will welcome you when you visit us. Born in San Jose and raised in El Sur de Turrubares, a small pueblo of thirty families located a kilometre east of the Lodge, she has lived in the area for most of her life, and has known every one working at the lodge for all of that time. In fact, her mom, Noemy, also works at the Lodge as one of the cooks. For the past three years, Karen has been the Manager of Operations and Reception, as well as also going to university part-time in order to get her bachelor's degree in social work. When she’s not working at the Lodge or studying, her favourite pass-time is sleeping, and when not doing that, she loves to ride horses, swim, pass time with her friends and family, dance and read … and one day, she hopes to own a fine horse (maybe an Andalusian?) to ride in the lively local topes (parades).


If Karen is the heart of Macaw Lodge, then Lis is definitely the “soul”. Her cooking is one of the many reasons that people keep coming back to visit us. Lis has lived in the area surrounding the Lodge for all of her life being born in San Gabriel de Turrubares and raised in the surrounding area, she’s lived in Las Delicias (a small town located two kilometres from the lodge) with her husband Adrian and their young son for the past ten years. She honed her culinary skills while working as a private cook for many years for two wealthy families in San Jose, and has been the head cook at Macaw Lodge for the past six years. When she’s not making us happy with her sublime and healthy meals, she loves spending time with her family, riding horses and dancing; and also enjoys caring for her garden, bird watching (one of the best spotters in the Lodge!), hiking in the surrounding areas, and learning English.


Katia has worked at Macaw Lodge since 2016 and is responsible for keeping the Lodge sparkling clean and comfortable. She also creates the gorgeous floral arrangements scattered throughout the main building. Born in San Jose, she has lived all her life in Las Delicias, and is sister to both Lis and Yorleny. Prior to the Lodge, she was a cook in Las Delicias’ primary school for many years. Kathia is a life-long learner, is always excited to learn new things (Ikebana floral arranging may be a new passion!), loves to read and write, and has certificates in organic gardening and vermiculture. Somehow she also finds the time to make new clothes for students out of recycled clothes, and make crafts out of recycled and found objects. For relaxation she loves to spend time with her husband and two children, enjoy nature by walking and hiking in the surrounding areas, and working in her garden in which she grows medicinal and edible plants (guaria orchids are her favourites). One day she would love to own and operate her own small restaurant serving only organic food.


The first things everyone notices about Francisco, are his kind eyes and his big friendly smile. Born in San Jose, and raised in Las Delicias, he has worked full-time at Macaw Lodge for the last five years as the person in charge of the maintenance of the lodge, the surrounding property and its farm. He also drives the local school bus to transport students to the high school in Bijagual. He loves nature, most especially plants, and wants to protect it for future generations. He enjoys spending his free time with his family, reading about the local goings-on on Whatsapp, playing futbol, watching the news, futbol games and soap operas on TV… and riding extreme ATVs in the surrounding area. He would love to own his own business one day, either as a truck driver or to drive buses for tourists, and dreams of traveling to Spain.


Geiner was born in San Jose and raised in Bijagual, a small town 7 kilometres west of Macaw Lodge, and has lived there most of his life. A very hard worker, Geiner has worked at the lodge and its property for ten years, and prior to that, he worked in construction all over the country, even helping to construct a suspension bridge in a private reserve near Montezuma. Geiner’s friendly cheekiness and lop-sided grin go perfectly with his favourite activities of dancing, playing soccer, mountain bike riding on the local roads and trails, sleeping, and learning to surf. His dream is to travel all over Costa Rica and to visit France, where he has many friends.


Born in Orotina and raised in el pueblo del Sur de Turrubares, Noemy has lived here for most of her life. Her daughter, Karen, also works at Macaw Lodge, and she has known every one working at the lodge for all of her life. For the last three years she has been one of the full-time cooks at the Lodge. Prior to the Lodge, she and her husband, Geovanny have been very involved with a local NGO, ARBOFILIA, whose mission it is to educate local and foreign students about the importance of rainforest protection and to empower them to assume responsibility for themselves and the restoration of the ecosystems that sustain their lives. The El Sur de Turrubares branch of the organization includes both a classroom and lodge for students, and has been working for more than 20 years to stop the accelerated environmental and cultural deterioration in Costa Rica. Noemy worked for 12 years at ARBOFILIA, taking care of the student living quarters and as well as cooking for them. She also loves to work in her organic garden, spend time with her family and friends, knows a lot about cacao and chocolate, and takes great pride in helping to keep her local catholic church clean and beautiful. It has been her life-long dream to work at an organic and sustainable eco-lodge such as Macaw Lodge, as it reflects her own values; and because of her experiences working and learning here, her world has opened up and she now has a completely different perspective about the world and the environment than she had prior to these experiences. One day Noemy would love to travel with her family to get to know their own country better, as well as visiting Colombia.


Born in San Jose and raised in el pueblo del Sur de Turrubares – has lived there most of his life. Has worked for the lodge for 1.5 years. Before the lodge he worked at an auto parts store in sales and as a mechanic, and as a guide doing horseback riding tours for Eco Sur (community ecotourism initiative in El Sur de Turrubares) and extreme endurance/mountain motorcycling trips Has taken courses in English, organic fertilizers, customer service. Helps his father with the family’s cattle in his free time. Loves to do extreme exploration, belongs to a motorcycle endurance club, Los Gallos (the Roosters) – best in CR in competitions – very extreme and physically and mentally challenging – has been doing it since he was 12 years’ old. Bull riding and extreme endurance motorcycling are his passions. Is very cheeky loves to have a fun, to sing and tell jokes but is not a party animal, it is more important to him that everyone around him has a good time, loves to have friends. Loves peace, tranquility and nature, and is very proud of his country.

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