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Macaw Lodge


Introduction to the Shamanic Path and Master Plants in Macaw Lodge

Facilitators: Carmela Valverde & Marcela Diaz

March 27to, 2024 to April 2nd, 2024

Retreating with us in a venue where costarican nature manifests, gives you the true space to go deep into inner work and stand strong on your path. During this retreat you will receive daily meditations and pranayama in introductory course modality, daily morning Body Flow Yoga practices for all levels, a Cacao Ceremony, an Ayahuasca Ceremony, Rapé application, a full body relaxation workshop, sound healing group sessions, therapeutic yoga sessions, free time to rest and enjoy the beautiful venue will be also an important part of this retreat. Each participant gets a tarot card reading

8762 9090 / 8819 9099

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Analog Forestry Workshop

Facilitators: Geovanny Quirós & Karla Padilla Salas

April 13th to April 15th, 2024

3-day theoretical – practical workshop on the Analog Forestry methodology and its design and implementation in the field. This course is based on the fundamentals that support Analog Forestry (12 Principles) and practical methodologies for its application. You will learn to interpret the forest and design an area that strengthens the ecosystem to be more diverse and productive, the bases of the Analog Forestry methodology and its practical application, to make a design and a preliminary management plan of Analog Forestry and you will learn about the taxonomic information of the species.

8762 9090 / 8310 9960

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Learn to make craft chocolate Workshop

Facilitator: Obbie Pressman

July 1st 2024 to July 6th, 2024

Inmerse yourself in the world of sustainable cacao. This earth to bar experience includes all aspects of the craft chocolate making process:

  • Explore cacao cultivation,harvesting and fermentation
  • Learn to make your own homemade chocolate
  • Understand cacao’s place in sustainable agroforestry
  • Participate in traditional Costa Rican cacao ceremony

The first workshop with Obbie Pressman was a success and immensely enjoyable!

“Awesome experience!  Learning how to taste and then make chocolate will convert you into becoming a chocolate maker. It certainly converted me. The lodgings were lovely, the chocolate making instructions were clear and concise and the company was delightful” – Dorothy Friend







“Obbie’s class was highly engaging, well-organized and he has a clear way of explaining all the steps of chocolate production.  As a fellow chocolate specialist I was able to gain new insights about chocolate from his perspective” – Luciana Monteiro

8762 9090

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The Earth Spirit Retreat

Facilitator: Christy Idavoy

July 25th, 2024 to July 29th, 2024 / July 31st, 2024 to August 4th, 2024

The “Earth Spirit Retreat” is a 4-day transformative experience created by Christi Idavoy, a movement and mindfulness expert. It is designed to provide participants with an opportunity to restore and experience deep rest while guiding their bodies and spirits toward deeper clarity and a connection with their soul’s purpose. This is a comprehensive and immersive experience for individuals seeking rest, self-discovery, and a deeper connection with their life’s purpose, all guided by the wisdom of nature.

8762 9090 / 7176 8188

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Let your Heart Decide - Forest Bathing Retreat

Facilitator: Manuela Siegfried

November 16th, 2024 to November 21st, 2024

Learn how to connect with your heart to optimize aliveness, love, healing and transformation in a very special and gentle space in nature. We will work with a variety of modalities like forest bathing, sound healing, story weaving, drum circles, journaling and deep listening to unlock your heart’s full potential in a very gentle way.

8762 9090 / 6058 5173

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