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Our Story

Our Story


Macaw Lodge opened in 2011 and is the culmination of a long-standing vision of the Gordienko family, who in the 1980s, had the honor of purchasing and becoming managers of Macau Sanctuary Limited, the estate that is now home to Macaw Lodge and Macaw Lodge Private Forest Reserve. Macaw Lodge is part of a government-sponsored Forest Investment Program designed to reverse the damage caused by the overplanting of monotonous agricultural crops. Over the past two decades, the Lodge has developed a model of sustainability, restoring forest health and encouraging a return of many species of animals, plants, insects and birds, including the scarlet macaw.
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The People

Macaw Lodge is a hub for ecotourism, research and conservation, constantly working, growing and evolving, where scientists and professors from many countries come to learn about sustainable practices and put them into action in their own communities.

Similarly, tourists from around the world come to Macaw Lodge to discover its natural wonders. All our visitors are invited to get involved in nurturing and protecting this incredible planet and its little corner of the world. People come for different reasons, but it seems everyone leaves with a deeper sense of joy, fresh inspiration, a renewed passion for nature, and a strong desire to return.

The Community

Macaw Lodge is proud that this project has served to support the local economy of the Delicias de Turrubares area through ecotourism, as artisans, builders. Workers from the area collaborated in the construction of the Lodge facilities and solar energy systems, as well as local farmers helped restore the land and biodiversity.

In addition, Macaw Lodge contributes to the local economy, as food that is not produced on the farm is purchased from local producers.

Another very interesting project to support the community is to receive children from the local school every year, so that they participate in the planting of a tree and also learn about nature conservation, to ignite in them the passion, leave them the legacy that in the future they continue with the work.

Human Talent

The team working in the Lodge is originally from the area where the Hotel is located. They are responsible for creating for you a fantastic and unique experience, authentic meals and will provide excellent personalized attention, leaving a personal mark on each of our guests. This is our family!

The Lodge

Rooms, cabins and other areas of the hotel are crafted from sustainably reclaimed materials in our 264-acre oasis and surrounding communities. With a capacity to accommodate up to 30 people, our commitment is to provide you with a highly personalized experience. Our eco-resort is completely off the grid, solar energy is used to generate electricity and hot water. Macaw Lodge was created as a model of sustainability where nature lovers can experience comfort and harmony with the environment.

The spacious ground floor of the Hotel, is an open area where the restaurant, the rest and reading area and the bathrooms are located. It offers stunning views of the surrounding ponds, gardens, forests and wildlife. It has Internet service.