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Newsletter: October 2022


the variety of life in the world or in a particular habitat or ecosystem


The original bungalows that were under repair and being remodeled are finally ready! We are very happy that Macaw Lodge slowly, organically and steadily keeps growing it’s installations. Since the original vision of the hotel, the central structure, we have built several cabins in the last 10 years. All with the end of receiving visitars in a comfortable, private way, surrounded and intimate with the Nature around us. We think about details such as the small balcony with a view to the forest, the lakes, the jungle and the gardens. We build with materials that we ourselves produce. The teak from our plantation and the bamboo from the area. These bungalows are the first that were built alongside the Lodge and we recently finished bettering the railings and the floors. We are always ready to keep bettering ourselves and our spaces, receiving guests, and being a space that is quiet, peaceful, beautiful and connected to the surroundings.


A few weeks ago we observed two animals that typically are not around Macaw Sanctuary. We are very happy to share images of a sloth and a white faced capuccino monkey. They visited us for a few weeks and have made a temporary home in the trees and jungle of Macaw Lodge. In Costa Rica, we can observe two types of sloths: two toed (Choleopus hoffmani) and three toed (Barypus variegatus). In this special case we saw two toed. These animals are slow, and typically in the treetops, avoiding predators, searching for fruits and nuts, or just a space to rest. Sadly, deforestation and agriculture malpractice in the area, alongside urbanization and big developments have decreased the population of many sloths in different parts of the country. Thankfully, our reforestation efforts have brought about this new resident.

White faced monkeys are more frequent in touristy places such as Manuel Antonio. It is an animal known for it’s curious and fun personality, it’s lack of fear to get close to people. White faced monkeys live in the dry tropical forest, the humid forest, secondary mature forest and mangroves. You can find them all the way from Honduras to Colombia and Ecuador. They it palm fruit, guaba trees, ‘jocotes’, ‘guarumos’, ‘ceibas’ and other local trees, both seeds and fruits. They will also eat ants, crickets, butterfly larvae, bugs and other insects, even small mammals and reptiles. We are very happy to see a monkey at Macaw Lodge.


We are very excited to share the fact that we are travelling to Seattle to participate in the Northwest Chocolate Festival, the biggest chocolate fair in the West Coast, where 12,000 participants are estimated to come. We will bring our chocolates, our bomboms, and the brand Makaw Kakau. We also bring a lot of desire to share, to compete, to exhibit and to meet other people with the same passion for chocolate and cacao.

The 5th and 6th of November we will be exposing alongside other 100 brands and projects around the world, getting to know each other, tasting, trying and exchanging experiences of what good chocolate is and means. Our talk (exposed by Pablo and Fred Rubin) is titled ‘Agroforestry and Biodiversity’ and focuses on cacao and our agroforestry systems. Additionally we are going to participate in four categories: chocolate with coffee, chocolate with ginger, chocolate 60% and chocolate 70%. We are happy and nervous to see how we are judged and how we place. We hope to enjoy the event, and in effect, meet and make friends, clients and establish long term relationships, a philosophy of Macaw. We are super excited to be there!

Ready to visit? To plan your travel and your stay, please feel free to reach out to us:


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Written by Gabriela Mateo