Since the 1980s when our family purchased Santuario de Macao Limitada—the farm that is now home to Macaw Lodge and Macaw Lodge Private Forest Reserve—we’ve worked to restore and replenish the bio-diversity that supports life. It’s rewarding to see the changes that have already taken place in the Las Delicias de Turrubares area where Macaw Lodge is located as well as neighboring communities. Land once devoted to monotonous agricultural crops that led to erosion and depletion of natural resources now teems with timber plantations, plants that provide food, health benefits and beauty, springs of fresh water and an idyllic, serene environment for relaxation and learning.

Macaw Lodge was built using plantation timber from the property, processed at our onsite mill. Also, trees that had been swept away after tropical storm Thomas in 2010 were extracted from the Tarcoles River and incorporated into the structures. Bamboo and wood from the property were used to create built-in furniture, walls and countertops. The bamboo used in the construction was extracted from our own plantations, and most floors and bathrooms were made from locally-extracted and processed stone and marble. The construction crew and furniture builders were all local craftsmen. We took special care to blend interiors with the surroundings without disturbing the natural environment.