Macaw Lodge: The ultimate Birding Hotspot ! Donate to Preserve Nature, and Discover Our Future Workshops !

Discover the Unrivaled Birding Paradise at Macaw Lodge

Macaw Lodge stands out as an exceptional destination for birders, offering a level of biodiversity and a variety of habitats unrivaled in Central America. The Carara area serves as a unique convergence point for Meso-American and South-American flora and fauna, resulting in a remarkable diversity of life zones. Within a 30-kilometer span, visitors can explore habitats ranging from coastal mangroves to tropical dry and rain forests in the lowlands, and up to the premontane and Oak Forest in the Turrubares and Potentiana mountains, the sole high coastal mountain range in Central America.

At Macaw Lodge itself, enthusiasts have observed an impressive 358 bird species, while a short drive away lies the entrance to Carara National Park, home to over 427 recorded species, and the nearby Tárcoles Mangroves, where 326 species have been documented. In the highlands of La Potenciana, the cloud forest hosts a recorded 224 bird species.

Serving as a central hub for day trips to these top birding hotspots, Macaw Lodge provides access to a range of experiences, from sea-level mangroves to the heights of Turrubares Mountain at 1,739 meters (2,425 feet). When you visit Macaw Lodge, you will not only encounter the warm hospitality of the locals and savor exceptional farm-to-table cuisine, but also immerse yourself in a birding paradise set amidst an exquisite botanical garden. Whether you are a dedicated birder or a nature enthusiast, Macaw Lodge promises an unparalleled experience in the heart of Costa Rica’s rich avian landscape.

Participate in Conservation Programs with Macaw Lodge

Collaborate with Macaw Lodge and the Center for Biodiversity Restoration Foundation (CBR) to contribute to the development of conservation programs. Your involvement in these initiatives will directly contribute to the preservation of tropical forests, wildlife protection, and the enhancement of ecological connectivity in crucial ecosystems. Each contribution brings us one step closer to ensuring a sustainable environment for future generations.

One Foot at a Time Program – Saving Tropical Forests:

Help save tropical forests and vital ecosystems by donating $10 per square foot towards land preservation. When enough funds are accumulated, a 75-acre property will be purchased and transferred to the foundation for perpetual preservation, ensuring the protection of crucial habitats and biodiversity.

Scarlet Macaw Nesting Donation:

Support scarlet macaw conservation with a $150 donation to cover the cost of installing artificial nests in the trees.

Camera Traps for Biological Corridor Monitoring:

Contribute $120 for camera traps to establish a baseline in the Biological Corridor, aiding in wildlife monitoring and conservation efforts.

Plant a Tree:

Offset your carbon footprint with a $30 donation to plant a tree, which will be GPS referenced for tracking its impact.

We are growing An Expanding Alliance of Community Organizations Committed to Sustainable Livelihoods and Future-Forward Environmental Conservation Practices.

Up coming events 2024

Introduction to the Shamanic Path and Master Plants in Macaw Lodge

Dates: March 27to, 2024 to April 2nd, 2024 (English version)

May 23rd, 2024 to May 26th, 2024 (Spanish version)

Facilitators: Carmela Valverde & Marcela Diaz

Retreating with us in a venue where costarican nature manifests, gives you the true space to go deep into inner work and stand strong on your path. During this retreat you will receive daily meditations and pranayama in introductory course modality, daily morning Body Flow Yoga practices for all levels, a Cacao Ceremony, an Ayahuasca Ceremony, Rapé application, a full body relaxation workshop, sound healing group sessions, therapeutic yoga sessions.

Free time to rest and enjoy the beautiful venue will be also an important part of this retreat. Each participant gets a tarot card reading

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What’s up 8762-9090/ 8819-9099



Learn to make craft chocolate Workshop

Dates: July 1st 2024 to July 6th, 2024
Facilitator: Obbie Pressman

Inmerse yourself in the world of sustainable cacao. This earth to bar experience includes all aspects of the craft chocolate making process:

  • Explore cacao cultivation,harvesting and fermentation
  • Learn to make your own homemade chocolate
  • Understand cacao’s place in sustainable agroforestry
  • Participate in traditional Costa Rican cacao ceremony

The first workshop with Obbie Pressman was a success and immensely enjoyable!

“Awesome experience! Learning how to taste and then make chocolate will convert you into becoming a chocolate maker. It certainly converted me. The lodgings were lovely, the chocolate making instructions were clear and concise and the company was delightful” – Dorothy Friend

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What’s up 8762-9090