Field day, our next Coffee Tour and up coming events

Field day at Macaw Lodge

The field day celebrated at Macaw Lodge through the extension agency Agropecuaria Carara of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock was an event focused on promoting agroforestry systems and permaculture as strategies for production, conservation, and regeneration within the biological corridor of Paso de Las Lapas.

The event had the participation of various government institutions such as MAG, INDER, SINAC, Fundecooperacion, as well as the neighboring producers from the region adjacent to Carara National Park. The field day agenda was very productive and included participant presentations and discussions on local production and conservation proposals.

During the field day, a tour was conducted of Macaw Lodge’s agroforestry plantations, including cocoa and coffee plantations. There was also a visit to the chocolate factory and mention of the future fruit pulp factory.

In the roundtable discussion that took place after lunch, the importance of value-added in agricultural production through sustainable and regenerative practices was highlighted. It was emphasized that this is where substantial economic improvements can be achieved. Additionally, the need for collaboration among all institutions was emphasized, and the possibility of establishing associative models to market products with this added value was mentioned.

In summary, the field day at Macaw Lodge was an event that promoted agroforestry systems and permaculture as strategies for production, conservation, and regeneration. It included discussions on local production and conservation proposals, tours of cocoa and coffee plantations, and highlighted the importance of value-added and collaboration among institutions to achieve substantial economic improvements in agricultural production.

Coffe Tour

Discover the Coffee Tour at Macaw Lodge: an exciting experience that will immerse you in the world of low-altitude coffee. For several years, at Macaw Lodge, we have explored alternatives in coffee cultivation, establishing research plots in collaboration with the ICAFE (Costa Rican Coffee Institute). The results have been extremely interesting and promising for the future.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to have this crop and its historical importance for Costa Rica, the Macaw Lodge family has decided to develop the Coffee Tour so that all our visitors can get up close to the cultivation and its connection to the country’s development. Coffee has been called Costa Rica’s “golden bean” and has even been recognized as a great minister of finance by some presidents.

During the tour, you will have the opportunity to taste delicious coffees from the high region of Cerro Turrubares and other notable places. Additionally, you will be able to explore the plantations and learn in detail about the plant and its valuable bean. Immerse yourself in the history of Costa Rica and discover the origin of the use of this bean in its place of origin, Africa.

The Coffee Tour at Macaw Lodge offers you a unique experience to explore and appreciate the fascinating world of coffee. Join us on this journey and let yourself be captivated by the aromas, flavors, and rich history that surrounds coffee in Costa Rica.

Up coming events 2024

Introduction to the Shamanic Path and Master Plants in Macaw Lodge

Dates: March 27to, 2024 to April 2nd, 2024 (English version)
May 23rd, 2024 to May 26th, 2024 (Spanish version)

Facilitators: Carmela Valverde & Marcela Diaz

Retreating with us in a venue where costarican nature manifests, gives you the true space to go deep into inner work and stand strong on your path. During this retreat you will receive daily meditations and pranayama in introductory course modality, daily morning Body Flow Yoga practices for all levels, a Cacao Ceremony, an Ayahuasca Ceremony, Rapé application, a full body relaxation workshop, sound healing group sessions, therapeutic yoga sessions.

Free time to rest and enjoy the beautiful venue will be also an important part of this retreat. Each participant gets a tarot card reading

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Learn to make craft chocolate Workshop

Dates: July 1st 2024 to July 6th, 2024
Facilitator: Obbie Pressman

Inmerse yourself in the world of sustainable cacao. This earth to bar experience includes all aspects of the craft chocolate making process:

  • Explore cacao cultivation,harvesting and fermentation
  • Learn to make your own homemade chocolate
  • Understand cacao’s place in sustainable agroforestry
  • Participate in traditional Costa Rican cacao ceremony

The first workshop with Obbie Pressman was a success and immensely enjoyable!

“Awesome experience! Learning how to taste and then make chocolate will convert you into becoming a chocolate maker. It certainly converted me. The lodgings were lovely, the chocolate making instructions were clear and concise and the company was delightful” – Dorothy Friend

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What’s up 8762-9090